Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation

Hood River Aquatic Center
1601 May Avenue
Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-1303 — Pool

(541) 386-5720 — District

Board Members and Staff


Mark Hickok – District Director

Marcie Wily – Assistant Director

Leon Dorich – Interim Aquatic Center Supervisor

Andrew Kerr – District Maintenance Manager

District Bookkeeper


Board Members

Glenna Mahurin, Director, 541-352-6891,

Glenna, and her husband, Doug and two children, moved to Hood River in 1982 from Rufus where she had bee an E.M.T. and swim instructor for years. She operated the Aquatic Center for one year before being employed by the Hood River County School District, where she worked until retirement in 1999. Currently, she works one day a week at the high school, is coordinator of the Upper Valley Food Bank, babysits one day a week with grandchildren, golfs and gardens.

Arthur Carroll, 541-386-7257,

Art lives in Hood River with his wife Diana.  Art has been a Board member since 1999 and has worked diligently to improve the quality of life in the Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation District.  His main focus for the District is on trail design, location and development.

Art has helped the  District obtain official easements on three different Segments of Indian Creek Trail.   There is a bridge on the Indian Creek trail named the “Carroll Crossing” in honor of his hard work and dedication to the District.  He continues to work on the Devon Court trail connection and the South Side of Indian Creek to provide more trails for the community.

In addition to his love of trails, Art is also a board member with a love of the community and partnerships!  He has an excellent grasp of the District’s roll in the community and works to improve the quality of life in the Gorge.   Art is a task master and not only has outstanding organization skills but gets out on the trail with picks and shovels and makes trails a reality.

Ultimately, Art wants people to have the opportunity to have fun!

Mike McCarthy, Director, 541-352-6476

Anna Cavaleri

Nan Noteboom