Private Swim Lessons

The Hood River Valley Aquatic Center does not offer an official “private swim lesson” program as a part of our regularly offered programs. However, we are willing to distribute the contact information of our swim lesson instructors who are available to instruct private swim lessons. These individuals will coordinate with you on a private basis; their instructions, scheduling, and rates are determined by the individual instructor. There is no official connection between private instructors and Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation’s Aquatic Center.

You will be charge general admission prices as entrance to the Aquatic Center.

InstructorContact Information
Marcie Wily
limited time available
(541) - 231 - 8733
Kathleen Collins(925) – 360 – 9738
Donna Hollen(541) – 352 – 6782
Judy Wells(541) - 386 - 2876
Carolou Hurlbert(541) – 490 – 4746
Justin Smith(541) - 806 - 4414


As patrons of the Aquatic Center, you and the instructor are subject to the time regulations and rules of our facility. Individuals that are employees of the Aquatic Center are free to instruct on their own time. Beyond providing contact information, we make no claim or responsibility of instructors or the lessons they provide. Please contact our Aquatic Center Supervisor, Marcie Wily at (541)-386-1303 with any questions.


Thank you.