About Us

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation District is to provide recreational opportunities to the citizens of the Park District, with focus on the youth of our community. Facilities and programs will be developed and maintained to provide safe and economical recreational environments for all users.



The Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation District was formed in 1988 to continue the operations of the Aquatic Center and to provide aquatic recreation opportunities.  The pool was once owned and maintained by the City of Hood River.  In 1994 a referendum was past to expand the District’s ability to expand recreational programs, trails, parks, and other recreation options. In 1998 a bond was passed to improve playfields and eliminate debt on the Aquatic Center.

The District began collecting System Development Charges in the City of Hood in 1996 after a methodology was developed.  These SDC’s are used to enhance and increase recreation opportunities for the expanding District population.  In 2006 SDC’s were collected throughout the District.

The District has a five member board of Directors that are elected by citizens of the District.  The District includes all of Hood River County excluding the city of Cascade Locks.  The total population served by the District is approximately 20,800.